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Weekend Casual is a culmination of superb style, unique men's accessory collections and a broad, global focus on quality, affordability and social conscience. We consider ourselves trailblazers in the area of offering contemporary, must-have luxury products without the unnecessary high ticket price tags that come with other men's designer labels.  

WC recognizes with the explosion of men's fashion into the mainstream, we're excited to realize now everyone has the opportunity to explore their personal style and their own creative side like never before. 

Our goal at WC is to deliver to our customers a simple, attractive and streamlined outlet for men to keep their style updated and on trend, with collection of ever-changing accessories. Every WC customer can trust in the knowledge that our design house creates and manufactures our quality men's accessories in the finest facilities shared by such designers as Ted Baker, J Crew and more. We're here to bring you the most engaging and efficient shopping experience. High quality at affordable prices is all part of the program. Keeping it real is what we do best.

Striving to keep our margins lower than our competitors and actively contributing a portion of every sale to those causes we believe in; groups that have proven to solve problems with a simple and effective model that leave communities permanently changed for the better. At your leisure, explore the organizations WC is currently supporting on The Essential Cause page here on our website.

So sit back, relax, and let us do the work in highlighting what’s new in men’s fashion. We hope you find the experience effortless, and appreciate the way in which you can make a socially responsible impact while you enjoy the very best in luxury men's fashion accessories for less.

Vimal, Kunal & Amit - Founders

Weekend Casual

Size Guide


Whether you're trying to go bold or traditional, we've got you covered. Over the years, we've come across some tips that we'd like to share:

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