@thedressedchest: Those Are Some Gray(t) Ties!

Hello WC fam! We're excited to announce a partnership with our good friend Rainier, better known as @thedressedchest. If you haven't seen him revolutionize the "chestie", you're missing out. Hailing out of the Bay Area, California, he's the undisputed chestie champ of Instagram. His reach of over 66k (and rapidly growing) speaks to duck-faced men and women all over the globe. We've given him the reigns to take over our blog and give you a little explanation of what @thedressedchest is all about and what his thought process is when putting outfits together. Enough of us, more of him...Ladies and Gents, without further adieu:

Hey guys! @thedressedchest here. Let me take a moment of your time to show you just how versatile textured gray ties are. Gray ties with a bit of texture to them – think knit ties and wool tweed ties – are an indispensable part of any stylish man’s wardrobe. As a guy known for his chesties, let me show you just how versatile they are by presenting you with some chest shots. 


Now if you’re a regular follower of my Instagram, you know just how much I love my blues and grays. It’s one of the easiest combos to pull off. The problem is, though, that the two colors alone can get rather boring. One good way to keep things interesting without being loud is by adding some texture to your look. In this case, the majority of the texture comes from the knit tie. We get even more (albeit more subtle) texture from the denim shirt and the wool coat. Put it all together and you have a blue and gray look that stand out among other blue and gray looks. 

This chestie was inspired by an IG homie of mine (thanks, @ottonomous1!). Remember all that stuff I said about textures adding visual interest? That applies to this chestie, too (and all of my chest shots, for that matter). The gray tie and the black and white shawl-collared cardigan provide a whole lotta texture to this outfit, while the red in the shirt and in the tie bar add the color. The thing I like about this outfit is that each piece makes a statement, but everything complements each other. Now picture this outfit with a solid gray silk tie or even a textured red tie and you will quickly see that it wouldn’t go as well as this here tweed tie. 

Here's a look that's a little more on the formal side. The tie and the jacket provide the texture, while the yellow shirt and pocket square add the color. The cool thing is that you can do the same thing with any other color, too.

Lastly, if you're still not sure how to pair your gray tie, just go with black and white, as above. The tie looks black, but believe me when I say it's dark gray. That said, you have to try pretty damn hard to mess up a black-gray-white outfit. When doing a black and white though, I think it's worth mentioning that a lighter colored shirt is infinitely easier to pair with other things than a dark colored shirt.

Long story short, get your self a gray knit tie. It'll add visual interest to your outfit without stealing the show. Also, chances are you can probably reach for that gray knit tie if you don't know what other tie to wear. I mean it. Try it out sometime. 


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