What My Boyfriend Wore: Fancy Friday

Every breaks a few rules.

But when our friend Sergio Ines of What My Boyfriend Wore breaks rules, people notice. He's featured Weekend Casual once again, and here's what he's saying:

"I broke a rule. There I said it! But here’s why, I love wearing suits, I sometimes wish I had a super boring super corporate job that paid me a lot of money and made me wear suits all day, but instead I have a creative job that would see me better dressed in an ironic slogan tee, skinny jeans and canvas sneakers. I digress. You see, a suit should never be worn as individual items, but always as a suit, this prevents the items wearing out individually and ruining your suit. Reasonable, yes, but not practical for someone like me (as mentioned above) so, when I picked up this Prince of Wales suit at my recent Topshop personal shopping experience I bought it solely with the intention of splitting it up when necessary…as above.

I love me some patterns, you should know this by now, and so the slight texture in the jacket, the obvious pattern in the pants and the floral bow tie and pocket square could only be toned down with a plain white shirt, something I usually steer clear of because it feels like a bit of a cop out. The bow tie had the right blue to help the jacket pop, but also the bronzish brown flowers so, I paired that with the flower lapel and the brown on the bow tie with the deep burgundy pocket square, in the end, it all came together quite nicely I thought. The blue belt was a wild card and simply because I love it, kinda thought if I was going to break one rule, I could break 2 right!?"


Right! We love the look, and while we agree that you should never split up suits - sometimes you just gotta do it. Especially if you're gonna get results like this!


To see the full post, make sure you visit What My Boyfriend Wore.


Here is what Sergio is wearing:

WC Maroon Floral Bow Tie

WC Maroon Floral Pocket Square

WC Tan Lapel Flower (Sorry! Sold Out)


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