What My Boyfriend Wore: Grey + Brown

Last Friday was definitely fancy for Weekend Casual! 

One of our favorite bloggers, not to mention one of the best dressed men on the planet hailing from South Africa shows us that the details definitely make an outfit. Here is what Sergio Ines of What My Boyfriend Wore had to say:

"I love me a tartan tie, its very versatile as you generally have 3 or 4 colours in the tie to match to different parts of your outfit, in this case I let the neutral colours in the tie form the base and built the major items around that with a neutral jacket and trousers.
I took a chance with the pocket square and lapel flower, technically they shouldn’t have worked, the pocket square was a little busy, and the flowers colour ever so slightly off, but in the end it was the confidence that pulled it off. Ive always said, you can wear anything if you wear it confidently right? Maybe it was confidence combined with the fact that the colours actually all worked together…but who can be sure."

To read more, head over the What My Boyfriend Wore for the full blog!

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