Autumn in NYC

Seeing the green leaves turn into autumn brown, and feeling the warm summer nights turn into crisp fall evenings -- we are reminded that (to steal a line from Game of Thrones), "Winter is coming"....

While that sounds ominous enough, we can remember we have a much needed grace period between summer and winter. We call this FALL ladies and gentlemen, and it's an amazing time to give bundling up a sense of style and uniqueness. Everyone is switching out their T's for jackets and scarves - and getting creative with this transitional period before preparing to take on the frigid winter.

New Yorkers seem to have a grasp on throwing their own flare into even boring ensembles. They're not afraid of contrasting textures or layering different patterns. The winter warriors of the urban jungle still manage to create looks that are like no other.

But what about you, the everyday man? Don't handcuff yourself to rugged, heavy fabrics in limited colors, only to prioritize warmth over style. There are options. Many options. Ties and pocket squares can sprinkle a little panache into wool suits and peacoats. Contrast textures and play with patterns via your accessories to spruce up any outfit.

You didn't think WC would leave you out in the cold when dressing for the cold, did you? Of course not, check out our new Fall 2014 Collection

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