How to: Keep Your Plaid in Check

Plaid was once only a staple for lumber jacks, Scotsmen and hipsters - but all of that has changed. The print has evolved from the standard black and red checkerboard to a veritable cornucopia of patterns, textures and colors. This flexibility likens it's use to a classic white oxford dress shirt. Every man needs both in his closet.

With that in mind, the WC team has outlined a few basics on how to utilize the plaid look without looking like a picnic table:

1. Keep it simple.You don't want to go overboard with the pattern. While you may have the urge to dress up your gingham shirt with a tartan plaid tie, DON'T! Remember, plaid itself is a bold print. Leave it at that and just stick to one prominent piece of plaid - avoid looking like a Magic Eye puzzle.This leads us to number 2...

2. Pairing is key.

At this point, you've decided to wear plaid - a tie, bow tie, shirt, jacket...whatever. Remember, small accessories can break up your outfit, so don't be afraid to dress around them. Try going bold with an eye-catching tie and pocket square combo. Wear your plaids with other simple prints, just don't do plaid on plaid - unless you're on a's too much.

3. It's all about the details.

You can nitpick all you want, but you can fine-tune your look with with details such as avoiding over-sized lapels when you have large prints. Or, you don't have to match the colors of your tie and pocket square, instead use them to accent one another with a little bit of contrast.

4. Make it work for the occasion.Plaid is typically associated with Fall and Winter given its heavier look and typically darker colors. But it's easy to find summer styles these days. Take for example the new Weekend Casual line of plaids,which utilize unique color combinations and materials along with the most popular patterns - making them

perfect for everything from a neighborhood BBQ to a summer wedding. It just depends on how you dress it up.

5. Own it.

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