Happy Birthday America

On the eve of our nation's 237th birthday, we would like to take a moment to pay homage to our great nation.

Let's be honest, where else would three guys from Los Angeles with unconventional backgrounds and immigrant parents get a chance to try their hands in the world of men's fashion? More than anything, our love for America rests in the time honored idea that a person with an idea and the drive to chase their dreams will always have a shot. Look at Ralph Lauren -- a college drop-out who decided he could make a better, wider, European styled tie and began designing and manufacturing his own by taking scraps and turning them into beautiful pieces of fashion. Ralph Lauren changed the landscape of  fashion, forever.

So to make a long post short, thank you America for letting us chase our dreams. Thank you for the quixotic eyeglasses. Thank you for the advent of hipsters, blipsters, prepsters, scenesters and any other 'ster you can think of. Thank you for bespoke style and the rebirth of double breasted suits. But most importantly, thank you for letting people of every shape, color, orientation and belief chase their own piece of the "American Dream".

Happy Birthday. Our dream is that one day, when people reference Weekend Casual, it will be amongst some of those we admire most -- Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Mark Jacobs, John Varvatos, and every other American Designer who had a crazy dream and the courage to chase it. 

As a token of our appreciation - enjoy 25% off your entire order, now through Sunday with the promo code "AMERICA". Don't forget to shop some of our favorite looks that represent the Stars & Stripes.


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