Parisian Schoolgirl

"Wearing a bow tie is a statement. Almost an act of defiance."

- Rick Kaplan

There exists a fundamental dilemma in the fashion world today; while men's clothing is excellent, women STILL look better wearing it. Thankfully it's more socially acceptable for women to wear a tie than it is for men to don high-waisted jorts. While new designers push the envelope for men, women have quietly been incorporating menswear into their own looks. This trend is carried on thanks to the likes of Phillip Lim and Helmut Lang - who brought women clean lines and an unstructured fit while managing to always keep it sexy. Creating the illusion of subtle masculinity with a touch of iron, our female counterparts have added men's accessories to punctuate their own personal style. And so this bespoke style trends on...

We applaud the efforts of our female counterparts. You wont find us telling them not to wear our stuff, come on, they make it look so good. From bow ties to classic black skinnies and a pair of suspenders, women since the days of Lucille Ball have been making these male staples the focal point of their ensembles. Take for example one of our favorite female bloggers, FashionLaine, who utilizes some of WC's accessories to create a unique look of her own....enjoy! Ladies, we do this for you too.

To read more about FashionLaine's take on women wearing men's accessories or see more of her images, visit Shop her look here, at Weekend Casual >> Parisian Schoolgirl

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