The Summer of Bold

The sun is shining, skin is showing, and the winter blues are finally a distant and ice cold memory. With the start of summer comes one of man's most common conundrums -- what to wear??

Well My friends, let's start with a few simple guiding principles:

1. It's better to be sharper dressed than not.

2. Comfort is just as important as appearance.

3. Confidence is everything.

We know the old adage is sun's out guns out -- and there is always a time and place for your favorite throwback jersey (I'm wearing my Kobe #8 as we speak), but just because boozy brunch and rooftop BBQs are the norm, that doesn't mean you can't add a little flare to your Sunday Funday. While you don't have to get your best seersucker out to make a splash, you can still add a few touches to liven up your summer look.

Going to meet up friends for a famous Manhattan breakfast club? Throw on your favorite sunnies, a nice white T (fitted, please) and give your outfit a punch of color with a pocket square -- wait for it -- in your back pocket. Come on gents, pocket squares are for pockets....ANY POCKET.

Headed to Venice Beach for an afternoon romp along the boardwalk? Don't be afraid to throw on a breezy shirt with a colorful bow tie. Just because your'e wearing less shouldn't preclude you from being the sharpest man in the spot.

The bottom line is simple: be bold, don't be afraid to dress yourself up this summer. Just because it's time for less clothing, it doesn't mean your style should hibernate.

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