Even Superheroes Need Weekend Casual

Superman has his cape, Batman his mask, and you have your bow tie.

With the men's fashion in the forefront, we now have the ability to express ourselves in accordance to our every need. Got a big first date, make a statement. Need an extra boost of confidence for the big meeting? There's a tie for that. Want to be the sharpest dressed man at the wedding? Of course you do. Getting dressed isn't just about functionality, it's an extension of your personality. The way you put your outfit together speaks to who you are and what you stand for.

Every morning we have the opportunity to look our most dapper. Being well put together doesn't mean the most polished shoes and a million dollar suit (well, it certainly doesn't hurt!). Your tie, pocket square, hell your tie clip are all pieces that can let you make your mark. Fashion is an art and everyday you have a blank canvas to create your best work. Why settle for being ordinary when a splash of color and sharp square will let you be Jackson Pollack?

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